A home team for the future

In 2019 another generation of Skagit Valley natives decided it was time to return home and give back to the community that raised them by purchasing Tulip Town to carry its rich tradition into the future for many more to enjoy. 


Their goal is to keep this farm in good agricultural production. Excellent landscaping techniques are featured throughout the farm, with apple trees, gardens, nursery trees, annuals and perennials. They’re always striving to maintain top quality products and keep the farm a strong agricultural statement the community can be proud of.


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A history as rich as the soil beneath us.

Anthony (Tom) DeGoede immigrated from Holland to Canada in 1956 before moving to Mount Vernon in 1957 to join his brothers Henry and John. He managed the Neal Noorlag Bulb Farm until 1983 before purchasing a farm of his own, next door to the very first tulip farm in Skagit Valley, now known as Tulip Town. Beloved members of the community, Tom and his wife Jeannette poured their heart and soul into making Tulip Town a jewel of The Valley. They operated the farm with their family until they were ready to retire in 2019. Our community mourned the passing of Tom that same year. 

photo credit: KOMO