Photography Policy

Tulip Town Photography Pass 2023

Tulip Town photography passes are available to photographers and other artists who would like exclusive access to our bloom field at specified times.

The pass participants must abide by the photography program outlined in the policy listed below. 

    Photograph Pass - Day Pass: $100 

    • One day of exclusive access to the tulip field and gardens during the golden hours: 6-8am and through sunset.
    • General admission/all access from 8am-7pm on the same day.
    • Our Portrait Pass is available at $50 for guests accompanying photographers.

    Photography Pass - Season's Pass: $375

    • All access all season long!
    • You will receive a badge and lanyard for unlimited entry during photography pass times and regular business hours.


    Tulip Town Photography Policy (Effective February 2021)

    FRIENDS AND FAMILY PHOTOS (non-paid photographers)

    We welcome Amateur Photographers to take photos of friends, family and the beauty of our farm while visiting Tulip Town during normal business hours. Please note, Amateur Photographers must pay the General Admission entry fee and abide by all farm rules.   


    We welcome Professional Photographers who wish to use Tulip Town as a backdrop/setting for any Portrait Photography or Commercial Photography so long as they abide by the Farm Rules as listed below. For purposes of this Photography Policy, Portrait Photography includes, but is not limited to: photographic sessions for high school seniors, engagement, family, graduation, wedding, etc. In addition, Commercial Photography includes but is not limited to: pictures taken for use in catalog, fashion, advertisement, promotion, etc.

    Professional Photographers can gain exclusive access Tulip Town by following these easy steps:

    Step 1: Purchase a Tulip Town Photography Pass in advance.  Please note, a purchased Photography Pass can only be used by the photographer named on the pass and may not be used by others.

    Step: Check-in as follows:

    • 6am – 8am: Front Gate
    • 8am - 7pm: Main Entry Gate

    Please note, anyone accompanying the Professional Photographer must purchase our Portrait Pass - this includes assistants, subjects and clients. Tickets must be purchased in advance.

    Farm Rules: We are a farm first…we want to honor and respect the land and the crops we are growing. Please help us do that by following the rules listed below. Failure to comply will result in forfeiture of your Photography Pass.

    • You can only access the PUBLIC parts of the Farm.
    • You may NOT enter any of the areas marked ClosedNo Access, Do Not Enter, Employees Only or areas with working farm equipment.
    • Please respect the natural environment and the crops we are growing.
    • Use care and caution around landscaping.
    • Always supervise children while on Tulip Town property. Unsupervised children in the tulip fields can wreak havoc on flowers and bulbs.
    • Nothing may be picked and used during your session.
      • Tulips are available for purchase during normal business hours or by arrangement.
    • Multiple clothing changes on site are not appropriate as these can interfere with our other guests.
    • Vehicles are NOT allowed in the field, barn or garden areas, under any circumstances.
    • All props must be carried to your photoshoot location. Props or equipment that cannot be carried easily should not be used.
    • All props must be removed upon departure.
    • Pick up after yourself. All props and trash must be removed from your photo site.
    • The use of drones is strictly prohibited. Drone usage will result in forfeiture of your Photography Pass.
    • All photos should be family friendly in nature.
    • No public area may be closed or blocked to other guests during regular business hours or during a photo shoot.
    • Please be courteous and polite to all staff, visitors and guests.
    • You are responsible for all Portrait Pass guests associated with your photography pass.
    • Tulip Town reserves the right to halt any photography sessions deemed to be disruptive or inappropriate.
    • Tulip Town assumes no responsibility for loss, theft, or damage to any equipment or belongings. Any unauthorized portrait/commercial photography sessions will be escorted from the Farm.

    Photo Credit/Social Media

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    Thank you for choosing us as your photography site and following our photography policy!